Hearts and Angels Pendant


The Hearts and Angels pendant is part of the family of Eight Promises pendants to summon any positive virtue.

A garnet or amethyst is cleverly surrounded by four hearts and four angels, which represent eight promises the owner may keep.  The center of the pendant represents love, in which all virtues stem.

The promises that form the Hearts and Angels pendant represent:

  • 1.  Be kind.
  • 2.  Be thankful.
  • 3.  Be giving.
  • 4.  Be joy.
  • 5.  Be forgiving.
  • 6.  Be brave.
  • 7.  Be aware.
  • 8.  Know.

Hearts and Angels renders its power with positive thoughts. This can become a favorite piece of jewelry which can be transformed at any moment to benefit the needs of the user. Many people associate the four angels or hearts with family members. 

Hearts and Angels is also a popular piece that can be used to set a winning garnet or amethyst from the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest.

For more detailed information about this unforgettable piece of jewelry created by Diamond Mike Watson, go to: The Eight Promises


Additional information

Center gemstone

Amethyst, Garnet

Metal and colors

14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, Choose an option, Sterling silver