Promises “Star Guide” Pendant


The new Living Promises “Star Guide” pendant was created as a companion help you remember what is important in life.   It is part of the family of Living Promises jewelry designed by Diamond Mike Watson.

The promises that form the arms of the Star Guide represent: be kind, be giving, be forgiving, be thankful, be joyful, be brave, be mindful, and be knowing.

Some people see a celtic cross, a compass, and even a ship anchor.  Whatever you see, the enchanting Living Promises necklace will be  cherished forever and passed down for generations.   The chain is included and the necklace is ready to wear once it arrives.

The bail is oversized to accommodate larger chains.

Individually created. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

For more detailed information about this unforgettable piece of jewelry,  go to:  The Living Promises.

Available by Special Order

IMetal:  Sterling Silver. Shiny polished surface accented by custom brush finish.
Chain: 24-inch box chain with lobster clasp.|
Measurements:  20mm in diameter.  1.5mm thick.


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