The Gallery of Diamonds Story

Founding store in 1991.

In 1991, Diamond Mike and Carmen Watson turned our passion for fine jewelry into a lifetime career. Our small boutique focused on offering loose diamonds and hard-to-find quality jewelry. Today, we have continued to design one-of-a-kind masterpieces while searching for unique treasures. The store has since amassed a large estate collection that contains the most imaginative pieces passed down through generations.

With the help of our staff, Gallery of Diamonds has helped thousands of customers who have proudly worn their jewelry for a lifetime.

At Gallery of Diamonds, you know exactly what you are getting and receive a gemological appraisal.  We are so convinced that you will not find a better bargain on any jewelry piece that we will refund your money within 15 days if you find a comparable item for less money.

Diamond Mike in 1991.

About Diamond Mike Watson

Michael (Diamond Mike) Watson was born and adopted in Indianapolis in 1958. He spent his early life in New Albany, where his adopted parents raised him. Watson entered the jewelry industry as an errand boy for a store in New Albany. He became diamond merchant for a retail chain who purchased diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium and moved to California in 1989.

Watson was always curious about the woman who gave birth to him.  In 1993 he began a writing contest for schoolchildren called, Why Mom Deserves a Diamond. Over the years, the contest has brought thousands of families to Gallery of Diamonds Jewelers each year for an unforgettable mother and child experience.

Carmen and Diamond Mike Watson.

Watson earned a BA in Business Administration from Indiana University Southeast and is a gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA.) He was a former co-president of GIA Orange County Alumni Chapter. He is the author of several books including Moon Over Mountains, The Legend of Why Mom Deserves a Diamond, Tales of Imagination, In Search of Mom, and Adopted Like Me.  The Orange County Register named him the winner of the “Holiday Spirit Award” in 1995, awarded to business owners who display the holiday spirit throughout the year. 

Thousands of people throughout the nation continue to wear and enjoy jewelry designed by Diamond Mike.

Gallery of Diamonds today.