We Buy Gold and Jewelry

You can receive the highest cash price on your gold and diamond jewelry.

If you have several pieces we will tell you the highest cash exchange for each piece.  You may choose to sell some, all, or none of your jewelry.  If you are happy with the offer we mail a check to you the same day.

We are so confident you will except our offer that if you prefer to keep your jewelry we will ship it back to you for free at our expense.

We know sometimes jewelry has sentimental value.  If you have an emotional attachment to any piece jewelry we prefer not to buy it because sometimes memories are worth more than the intrinsic value. 

We do not purchase our own jewelry, but have a generous exchange and trade-in policy.

The day we receive your jewelry:

We determine the jewelry’s value. (We weigh your items, test for metal content, and assess the pieces.)

We determine your item’s total cash value based on the current market value of gold and contact you with our offer.

Mail to:

Gallery of D.
1528 Brookhollow Drive, Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Print Easy Mail-In Form to send your jewelry to us:

Easy Mail-In Form to Sell Jewelry