We Buy Gold and Jewelry

We buy Gold, Diamonds, and Estate Jewelry.

You can make an appointment with us during the following times:

Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday from 11:30am to 2:30pm.
 1528 Brookhollow Drive, Suite 200, Santa Ana, CA 92705

We know sometimes jewelry has sentimental value.  If you have an emotional attachment to any piece jewelry we prefer not to buy it because sometimes memories are worth more than the intrinsic value.  If you have several pieces we will tell you the highest cash exchange for each piece.  You may choose to sell some, all, or none of your jewelry.  Whatever you decide, we will either pay you or return your jewelry promptly. 



What do you buy?
We buy ALL unwanted gold, diamond, or platinum items:
Bent/Broken Jewelry, Necklaces, Bracelets • Chains • Rings • Charms • Gold Watches • Gold Coins • Gold Bars • Class Rings • Earrings • Dental Gold • All diamonds • Pins/Brooches • Items with missing stones • Tangled Gold Chains • Unmatched Gold Earrings

Understanding the Terminology

What is “Karat”?
Karat is used to describe the purity of the gold. Gold, when pure, is very soft so to keep the shape in jewelry, it is often combined with copper, silver, or zinc. Pure gold is 24K. In the United States, most gold jewelry is 10K, 14K or 18K. Jewelry that is 14K gold, for example, is 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy, or 58.3% pure.

What is a “Scratch Test”?
Scratch testing involves verifying the levels of gold with low-grade acid solutions. By treating the scratch with acid and comparing scratches from the sample, the tester can confirm what kind of gold is contained in the piece.

What don’t you buy?
• We do not buy heirlooms that have special meaning to you
• We do not purchase our own jewelry, but have a generous exchange and trade-in policy.

Testing and Determining Value

How do you determine the value of my gold?
The value of your gold depends partly upon its purity, or the “karat” — but unlike many gold buyers, we also consider the value of your jewelry as a piece of jewelry, as well. Our gemologist is also an experienced jewelry designer and is able to consider all aspects of your piece.

To test the karat weight, we use the acid/scratch test. Then, we weigh your jewelry.

I have my appraisal and receipt. Will I get paid based on that value?
Probably not. An appraisal is simply a document required by insurance companies to determine an estimated retail replacement amount in case the item is lost or stolen. An appraisal usually does not indicate how much an item can be sold for. The value of gold changes daily, as does the market value of styles and stones. In some cases you will get more and sometimes less. Most of the time, we purchase items for the purpose of melting and refining the metals. In some cases, we consider design and resaleability.

Mailing your Jewelry to Us

The day we receive your jewelry:

  • We determine the jewelry’s value. (We weigh your items, test for metal content, and assess the pieces.)
  • We determine your item’s total cash value based on the current market value of gold, and call you with our offer.
  • If you are happy with our offer we issue and mail out a check to you the same day. If you prefer to keep your jewelry, we ship it back to you within 48 hours.

Recycle with Style!
It’s time! Clean out your jewelry box, and bring it into us. We’ll give you the value in cash, or 1.5 times the amount in store credit to use towards the purchase of a new piece of jewelry that you love! Offer excludes sale merchandise.