Bring your jewelry to Gallery of Diamonds if you want to know its current value. Diamond Mike Watson is an appraiser who has credentials from the most trusted source in the industry- the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA.

With the abundance of treated diamonds in the market, it is important to go to an appraiser who has the latest tools to distinguish between naturally earth-mined diamonds and synthetics. 

For insurance purposes it is important to safeguard your jewelry heirlooms.   A professional appraisal is important to submit to your insurance company since no one can guarantee theft, center stone loss, breaking, chipping, or damage to a piece of jewelry. 

Diamond Mike always makes two copies of the appraisal, one for your records and another to submit to your insurance company. 

We provide the quality and carat weight of diamonds, the weight and description of the metal, a color photograph, and the replacement cost. On center diamonds, information is provided in according to GIA standards and is accepted by every major insurance company.

Appraisals are conducted on the premises and are usually completed within 24 hours. 

Jewelry appraisals in duplicate are provided free for all diamond purchases.