Eight Promises Moon Glow Pendant


The new Moon Glow pendant was created as a reminder for what is important in life.  It is part of the family of Eight Promises jewelry designed by Diamond Mike Watson in which each arm contains a virtue the wearer must keep.

The center of the pendant represents love, in which all virtues stem.

The arms that form the Moon Glow pendant represent:

  • 1.  Be kind.
  • 2.  Be thankful.
  • 3.  Be giving.
  • 4.  Be joy.
  • 5.  Be forgiving.
  • 6.  Be brave.
  • 7.  Be aware.
  • 8.  Know.

With the power of thought and positive intention, the Moon Glow pendant can be transformed at any time to benefit the needs of the user.   This enchanting  piece will be enjoyed forever and passed down for generations. 

Each Moon Glow pendant is laser hallmarked by designer Diamond Mike Watson.  All individually made.  Please allow up to three weeks for delivery if out of stock.

For more detailed information about this unforgettable piece of jewelry, go to: The Eight Promises.


Metal:  14K white or yellow gold.
Chain: 16 inches cable chain.
Measurements:  20mm in diameter.  1.8mm thick.

Additional information

Metal and colors

14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, Sterling silver


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