Flat Cross Pendant


This flat cross pendent is meticulously fashioned from the finest 14 karat gold. This level cross pendant transcends the ordinary, capturing the essence of religious reverence with its timeless design. The flat, sleek surface adds a contemporary touch to a classic symbol, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

As you run your fingers over the smooth, polished surface of the flat cross pendant, you’ll feel the weight of both the precious metal and the spiritual significance it carries. The radiant glow of the gold reflects the unwavering light of faith, making this pendant a symbol of strength, guidance, and unwavering commitment.

Available by Special Order

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Metal: 14K White Gold
Chain Length: 16 in.
Chain Width: 1mm
Face Height: 22mm
Face Width: 11mm
Clasp: Spring
Grams: 3.0g