The Four Steps to Positive Change and Success

Every person who applies to work for Gallery of Diamonds must be persuasive in expressing how he or she can make our jewelry company bigger and better. Because I learned the power of perseverance in my own quest of discovering my birth origins, I feel it is important to hire someone with stamina to build a successful company.

In 20 minutes, I search for two qualities: 1. Outward glow. 2. Inner essence.

Outward glow. If a candidate does not shine from the outside, no one will want to do commerce with them. In business, one’s radiance must be experienced within 5 seconds. People who glow appear successful, and customers like to do business with others who are successful. To a customer, it is the strength of this outward glow that may make or break any sale.

Inner essence. The deeper, lasting qualities of individuals cannot always be determined within 5 seconds. Therefore, in hiring a new employee, it is important to know the following:

1. Does the applicant know they have been loved?

2. Do they love themselves?

3. Do they love others?

4. Do they have the passion to do good things for themselves while helping all others along the way?

Do they share our philosophy of creating an unforgettable experience with every person who would walk inside our store? Do they really want to make our world a better place?

If their inner spark is dim, or they have little ambition to better themselves and others, I do not hire them. I also do not hire out of desperation, and my staff is willing to work harder until we find a member who shares our ideals.

The result of that attitude has created a workplace in which we are eager to be part of every day. For a company that began humbly in 1991 with a small handful of diamonds, rings and chains, it now has created happy memories for tens of thousands of customers who currently wear our jewelry designs. This year Gallery of Diamonds is celebrating 27 years in business, and we have moved three times to accommodate our growth.


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