The Empty Room

The phrase “physical limitation” has almost never been included in the Diamond Mike dictionary. I have found myself bumping into walls because my mind was not quick enough to tell me that I would slam into them if I did not stop walking. After all, aren’t we created from atoms that are mostly empty space?  Shouldn’t we pass through barriers with ease?

When we constructed the third Gallery of Diamonds jewelers in Santa Ana, we did not want to compromise for a store smaller than our dreams. What if we needed more space for jewelry photography or design?  What if we expanded our jewelry appraisal services or needed an extra diamond room for customers to consider their engagement ring purchases?  What if we received one million Why Mom Deserves a Diamond essays? That is why we created the 100 square feet FlyUp room. It currently contains a single chair and two paintings, one being a young portrait of my adoptive mother, Martha.

Perhaps the Room to Grow should remain as a shrine to my mother, who taught us that life and success have no boundaries and that all things are possible. Maybe it should remain a quiet place of introspection and imagination, and remind us that the only real physical limitations are the ones we create in our brain.

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