Cinderella Baguette Eternity


Finger size: 4.75 only.

A true Cinderella ring. Size 4.75. The remarkable 14K white gold band set with gleaming baguettes go all around the ring. Therefore it cannot be sized.  Will this ring fit your finger?

In the story of Cinderella a fairy godmother creates a beautiful dress and glass slippers for Cinderella to go to the kingdom ball. The prince falls in love with her and dances with her the entire evening.  As Cinderella dashes away before midnight she loses one of her glass slippers on the steps of the castle. The next day the prince searches the kingdom for the girl who wore the slippers. He finds her, recognizes her, and realizes the lost slipper fits her perfectly. They marry and live happily ever after.

A Cinderella ring is one that is made for that one special woman, for it cannot be sized.

When rings are made in which the diamonds go all around the finger, it is impossible to resize them. Stop by to try on this ring. Will you be the lucky princess that it will fit?

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Diamonds: (19) Straight Baguettes

Carat weight: .48 carats

Metal: 14K white gold.
Finger size:  4.75.


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