The Four C’s – Carat Weight

The carat weight of a diamond is simply the weight, usually expressed in points. (100 points equal one carat). Weight is not in direct proportion to a diamond’s size. For example, if you put three, one-carat diamonds side by side the diameters could be very different depending on the gem’s cut. The term “carat” comes from from the carob seed. In ancient times, gemstones were compared to the weight of this seed, which measured approximately what we express as one-carat today. Even with today’s technology, a rough diamond crystal loses about half its weight when fully cut. Because diamonds are exponentially rarer the larger they get, the value of a polished diamond twice the weight will be worth much more than twice as much.

Some people wonder if it is better to get a small, high quality diamond or a larger one that is not as perfect. There is no right or wrong answer! Since most all diamonds have some sort of inclusion, many women might prefer a larger diamond with a few small inclusions. Other women do not mind sacrificing the larger size for a more perfect gem.