Fire Opal Earrings


Beautiful fire opal earrings glow in a classic sterling silver four-prong setting.

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching addition to your jewelry collection, look no further than these fire opal solitaire sterling silver earrings. The fiery red and orange hues of the opals are sure to make a statement, while the sterling silver setting adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Fire opals are prized for their vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues, which are caused by iron and other trace elements in the mineral. These earrings feature two oval fire opals, each measuring 8mm x 6mm in diameter, that are set in a simple, yet elegant sterling silver setting.

Don’t wait any longer, add these fire opal solitaire sterling silver earrings to your collection today!

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Metal:   Sterling Silver
Gemstones:   8mm x 6mm oval Fire Opal Earrings.
Mounted in 4-prongs with friction backs.