Repair and Restoration

We know your jewelry has special meaning.
That’s why we handle it with the utmost care.

We are experts in jewelry repair. If you want your jewelry treated with care by professional persons with many years of experience and trust, bring your jewelry to us. 

  • Missing diamonds?
  • Bent or broken prongs?
  • Want to turn your yellow ring into white?
  • Prongs that snag?
  • Need to match a missing earring?
  • We do it all!

How to Mail In Your Jewelry for Repair

1. Fill out this form or print-  Easy Mail In Form.
2. Place in a box along with your jewelry. Stuff so does not rattle.
3. Mail it by Registered Mail at the United States Post Office and declare the approximate value.

Mail to:

Gallery of D.
1528 Brookhollow Drive
Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705

4. Save your receipt for tracking information and insurance purposes.

We will contact you immediately with an estimate to make your jewelry look brand new. Then we safely return it to you by registered mail. Please allow approximately three weeks to complete.


Why does my ring snag on everything? Is there anything I can do to fix it?


If you wear your jewelry often, you probably strike it daily against hard objects.  This gradually causes wear and tear, and bends and sharpens the prongs. The ring will eventually snag your clothes, catch sheer material, and even scratch yourself or your children.

When prongs bend and sharpen, they begin to lose their tight grip on your diamond.  This is actually a good warning sign to tell you to repair your ring! The next thing that could happen is that you notice your diamond is gone!

If your ring snags or the prongs are bent or feel sharp, bring your jewelry to us for free inspection.